About Me

About me

This is the world as I see it

Love towards photography is something that just happens. It can’t be taught, practiced or improved upon. It just is. And once it comes, it is always there, urging you to strive to do better, to be more productive. I feel incredibly fortunate to get to push my own boundaries and limits, and photography, regardless on whether you see it as a hobby, a passion or a calling, offers limitless combinations of testing your skills in most enjoyable ways.

I have been a professional photographer for eight years now which gave me the opportunity of perfecting my skills by working for many well renowned clients. I feel most comfortable doing product photography, interiors and exteriors and people photography, whether it’s portraits, magazine photographs, or photographing models for brand campaigns and web-shop needs. Given the fact that I’m an academically educated photographer, I have secured a permanent position with Playboy and Jet Set magazines and have been working with them for three years now. Apart from that, I also work as a freelance photographer, following my vision in various worldwide projects. If you want to book me for your advertising campaign, photographing your interiors or as a personal portrait photographer, kindly visit my contact page.